Lesson 1
Lesson 1
In which you learn
to tell a fish from a bus
How to learn?

There are 3 main steps to this lesson.

Step 1- "Glue"
Watch the video lesson, it has all the necessary explanations.

Step 2 - "Bricks"
Look at the list of words you need to know for this lesson.

Step 3 - "Put them together" and start building your house
Using what you know from steps 1 and 2, make your first Hebrew sentences.
To make best use of your time
while watching and listening to this 30-min long lesson -
scroll down to check out its Contents, its Summary, as well as the Vocabulary & the Reading text.
* TIP: Open this video on YouTube!
If you click there
on "show more" you'll see same contents as here below, but the times (time stamps) will be clickable! (i.e., if you click there on 03:30 it will take you straight to this place in the video!)

00:00 - intro
01:20 - I - ANI
01:44 - good news #1 - no "am\is\are"
02:00 - student - TALMID
02:20 - good news # 2 - how to ask a question
03:30 - Hebrew vowels
05:10 - gender of nouns;
►►► (he) student - TALMID, (she) student - TALMIDA
06:55 - no - LO
07:12 - this, it - ZE
07:52 - bus - OTOBUS
08:50 - "no" = "not" :)
11:12 - ice-cream - GLIDA
12:10 - adjectives and their order in the sentence:
►►► good - TOV
13:17 - gender of adjectives
14:11 - big GADOL \ G'DOLA
14:55 - small KATAN \ K'TANA
16:00 - alphabet 1st part - ג ד ל ס ק ר
19:16 - practice reading together (right to left!)
26:25 - what is 'BALAGAN'? :)
27:17 - some general words about the course structure
And here is the summary of the lesson
- if you like infographics more than watching videos, or
- if you use this website just for brush-up, review and recollection
You know 6 letters out of 22!

Below are some real Hebrew words that we've already read together at the video, and you are welcome to read them on your own again!

Isn't that magic?
There is an audio recording of the Reading section under this page
to help you make sure that you've read it correctly.
In each lesson of this course...
... you learn words (the language bricks) and how to put them together (the language glue). Here are the words (most of which I've already mentioned in my video) that you'll need for the Practice section below.

You can learn your words in any way you like using this list.

A few words about phonetical stress:
Hebrew stress falls either on the last syllable of the word (in 70% of the cases) or on the one before the last. In this section all the words have their stress on the last sylable.

To help you commit these words to your memory,
I also made an online flash cards deck with them,
but today let's first look at the word list and then do the Practice section.

ani I talmid student boy talmida otobus bus glida ice-cream ice cream סל basket דג fish tov good gadol big katan small little קר cold קל easy ken yes lo no nakhon correct toda thank you bevakasha please balagan mess chaos רק only ma what ze this o or
Knowing the language is using the language!
Look at all the familiar words without the translations. Do you remember them? ;) If you don't - scroll to the Vocabulary section above
and check out their meaning once again!
Now, you are ready for the top assignment of this lesson, that puts together all that you've learnt so far!
Thinking about skipping this part? Have some coffe and don't give up! That's what learning is all about - practice!

What to do?
Fill in the Google form below (all the fields!) and press "Send"!

Why "send"?
Because you will receive a copy of your answers plus the correct answers, sentence by sentence, straight to your email!
Make learning words fun!
To help you commit the new words to memory I've created the following game - especially for this course! - and uploaded it to a website called "Memrise", which uses a spaced-repetition-system technique (SRS) for fast and effective memorising of new words! If you like gamified learning, go ahead an have fun with the first level of Memrise!

* Memrise will ask you to log in; don't hesitate, do it - it's free and fast!
** Look below to see a tip about how to learn Lesson 1 only.
Memrise: how to...
...make it teach you only what you need to know now (Lesson 1 only).
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