Mikhail Agoshkov

Business-assistant with skills of internet marketing
Let's meet each other.
Good afternoon! My name is Michael. I am 17 years old.
I graduated from the California school this year. Unfortunately, I did not reach the red diploma. At the moment I submit documents to the University of Vienna on the specialty "Business, Management and Accounting".
And in order not to waste the time, I used it on Olga Shevchenko's courses "Business assistant with skills of the Internet marketer". At the moment I'm preparing for ACCA exams
Studying at the school on an individual schedule, taught me to be collected, to plan everything in advance, to correctly allocate time and independently to find information in various sources.
My certificates
My work
Lessons in Parkour and Paintball - Product Line
Jutukas Papagoi - Content-plan and schedule of posts
Hovard Palace - presentation
Dreams analysis - landing page
What can I do for your business
Working with images
- I work with 20 legal photos,
- I will do modern infographics,
- create pictures for social networks in the services of Kanva, Photojet and in Photoshop.
Work with letters and reviews
- I will develop and launch mailing of e-mails,
- I will collect feedback on the product,
- I will conduct a customer survey.
I will help
- I will help define the audience,
- I will compose a portrait of the client.
- make up a marketing presentation in PowerPoint or Cannes,
- I will do the infographics

Development of a sales funnel
- make up a product line,
- I will offer a lead magnet,
- I will pick up the goods-trap,
- I will define the key offer
I would very glad to help your bussines with my skills and knowledge
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